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Rating: 5.90/10 from 187000 votes
Tags: vampire slayer, blade
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Blade: Trinity

Title in Italiano:

Blade: Trinity

Title in Português:

Blade III: Trinity


Blade: Trinity finds himself alone surrounded by enemies, fighting an up hill battle with the vampire nation and now humans. He joins forces with a group of vampire hunters who call themselves the Nightstalkers. The vampire nation awakens the king of vampires Dracula from his slumber with intentions of using his primitive blood to become day-walkers. On the other side is Blade and his team manifesting a virus that could wipe out the vampire race once and for all. In the end the two sides will collide and only one will come out victorious, a battle between the ultimate vampire who never knew defeat, facing off against the greatest vampire slayer.

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Blade: Trinity
RZA: Writer
Velocity Shift
Rainbow Voice
Theme from A Summer Place
When the Guns Come Out
Venus in Furs
I Gotta Get Paid
Party In The Morgue (Club Mix)
This Blood
Starting Over
Hard Wax
Weapons Of Mad Distortion
Bombs Away (Danny Saber Remix)

User reviews

Joshua Anderson

The orchestral pieces in the soundtrack bring a sense of grandeur and epicness to the final confrontation between Blade and the vampire nation.

Amanda Adams

The soundtrack effectively conveys the struggle and determination of Blade and the Nightstalkers as they fight against overwhelming odds.

Sarah Carter

The songs chosen for key moments in the film help to intensify the emotions and tension, making the audience feel fully immersed in the story.

Kimberly Hall

The music captures the essence of the conflict between Blade and Dracula, creating a sense of suspense and anticipation throughout the movie.

Steven Anderson

The use of rock and electronic elements in the soundtrack adds an edgy and modern feel to the film, enhancing the action sequences and fight scenes.

Nancy Clark

The music enhances the visual effects and choreography of the action scenes, creating a dynamic and engaging viewing experience.

Anthony Robinson

The music enhances the suspense and thrill of the film, keeping the audience engaged and on the edge of their seats throughout the entire story. The fusion of electronic beats, rock elements, and orchestral arrangements creates a dynamic and powerful sound that complements the on-screen action seamlessly.

Emily Lopez

The blending of different musical styles in the soundtrack reflects the diversity of characters and themes in the movie, adding depth to the overall experience.

Lisa Martinez