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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Blood Ties

Title in Italiano:

Blood Ties

Title in Português:

Blood Ties


A Psycho Drama exploring the events around the birth of Oedipus and the myth of the prophesy. It's a dream-like story of coincidence, sex and decadence in which a couple are left to decide the fate of their first born son. Is it murder or justice?

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Blood Ties
New York Groove
Sugar Baby Love
I'll Come Running Back To You
Then He Kissed Me
Crimson & Clover - Single Version; Mono
At Seventeen - Remastered
In ginocchio da te
Just One Look
Bad Girl (Pt. 1)
Do What You Gotta Do
When It's Sleepytime Down South
What Is Hip?
Money Is
Take Inventory
You'll Never Change - Remastered Single Version
Grand Central
Simply Beautiful
Sunshine Of Your Love
The Long Way Round