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Rating: 5.30/10 from 76000 votes
Tags: twerking, former prostitute
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

El rey de Zamunda

Title in Italiano:

Il principe cerca figlio

Title in Português:

O Príncipe volta a Nova Iorque


Three long, prosperous decades after Prince Akeem and Lisa McDowell's opulent wedding in Coming to America (1988), King Jaffe Joffer and Semmi, sensing that trouble is brewing in the African kingdom of Zamunda, drop a bombshell.

As a result, with three lovely daughters and no sons, Prince Akeem's back is against the wall as General Izzi, the megalomaniac despot of the neighboring country of Nexdoria, dreams of seizing power through a political marriage of convenience.

Now, newly-crowned King Akeem and his trusted confidante Semmi must return to where it all began, the bustling borough of Queens, New York, to retrieve Lavelle, the illegitimate son unsuspecting Akeem never knew existed.

Can the prince of Zamunda restore peace and stability in less than a week?

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Coming 2 America
Come into My Life
Livin' the Good Life
Comin' Correct
Addicted to You
That's the Way It Is - 7" Version
I Like It Like That
All Dressed up (Ready to Hit the Town)
Better Late Than Never
Coming to America
Solomon Linda: Writer
Let Me Be the One to
John Acosta: Writer
John Acosta: Performer
Fresh Peaches & Sugarcube Rap
Barry W. Blaustein: Writer
Janette Colon: Performer
Soul Gro
Anne Preven: Writer
Stokley Williams: Performer
Whatta King
En Vogue: Performer
Hue Strother: Produced
Dave Crawford: Writer
Midnight Train from Zamunda
Greg Pajer: Produced
Gladys Knight: Performer
Jim Weatherly: Writer
Coming 2 America
John Legend: Performer
Nile Rodgers: Writer
Nile Rodgers: Produced
The System: Performer
I'm a Bluesman
Ron DeJesus: Writer
He Don't Know Nothin' Bout It
We Got the Moves
Gett Off
To Be Loved
Smash the Crowd
I'm a King
Go Big
These Streets
Waka Waka
The Humpty Dance
We Are Family
She's Your Queen
Main Titles
Jermaine Stegall: Performer
Jermaine Stegall: Performer
Sparring Session
Jermaine Stegall: Performer
Nextdorian Arrival
Jermaine Stegall: Performer
You Have A Son!
Jermaine Stegall: Performer
The Wild Boar
Jermaine Stegall: Performer
Jermaine Stegall: Performer
Next Mourning
Jermaine Stegall: Performer
Back 2 America
Jermaine Stegall: Performer
Gold Plane
Jermaine Stegall: Performer
My African
Jermaine Stegall: Performer
Got His Own Money
Jermaine Stegall: Performer
Zamundan Blend
Jermaine Stegall: Performer
Dinner Table
Jermaine Stegall: Performer
Meeting Mirembe
Jermaine Stegall: Performer
Izzi and Bopoto
Jermaine Stegall: Performer
Princely Test
Jermaine Stegall: Performer
Father, Son, and Babar
Jermaine Stegall: Performer
Scouting And Planning
Jermaine Stegall: Performer
Afro Grit
Jermaine Stegall: Performer
Umba Juntu
Jermaine Stegall: Performer
The Rose Garden
Jermaine Stegall: Performer
Crowned Prince
Jermaine Stegall: Performer
Mirembe's Theme
Jermaine Stegall: Performer
Jermaine Stegall: Performer
The Princess And The Pawn
Jermaine Stegall: Performer
A Father's Wisdom
Jermaine Stegall: Performer
The Nuptials
Jermaine Stegall: Performer
Return Of The General
Jermaine Stegall: Performer
Running To Church
Jermaine Stegall: Performer
Carry On
Jermaine Stegall: Performer
Meeka's Showdown
Jermaine Stegall: Performer

User reviews

Kenneth Brown

Overall, the music in Coming 2 America not only complements the narrative but also stands out as a powerful and enjoyable element on its own. The blend of different genres and styles creates a rich tapestry of sounds that truly enhances the film's storyline and cultural themes.

Susan White

The musical choices throughout the film evoke a sense of nostalgia for the original Coming to America while also infusing the sequel with a fresh and contemporary sound.

David Martinez

The soundtrack of Coming 2 America perfectly captures the vibrant energy and cultural fusion of both Zamunda and New York City, enhancing the film's storytelling and setting the right mood for each scene.

Edward Perez

The soundtrack of Coming 2 America perfectly captures the essence of both the modern and traditional African influences present in the film. The fusion of upbeat Afrobeats with classic soul and R&B tunes creates a vibrant and dynamic musical experience that enhances the storytelling.

Susan Jones

I found the song choices in the film to be mismatched and disconnected from the scenes they were paired with. The music often felt out of place and did not enhance the storytelling or emotional impact of the movie. It seemed like an afterthought rather than a carefully curated soundtrack.

Donna Johnson

Overall, the soundtrack of Coming 2 America not only enhances the storytelling but also stands on its own as a compelling and enjoyable collection of music that fans of the film will appreciate.

Amanda Young

The overall composition of the soundtrack did not evoke the same nostalgia and charm as the original Coming to America film. The lack of memorable tunes and standout musical moments left me feeling underwhelmed and disappointed, as I was hoping for a more engaging and memorable musical experience.

Andrew Carter

The soundtrack of Coming 2 America felt uninspired and lackluster, failing to capture the vibrant and dynamic essence of the original movie. The music seemed generic and forgettable, lacking the infectious energy that characterized the first film.

Margaret Evans

The incorporation of modern and traditional African beats in the soundtrack adds depth and authenticity to the film's portrayal of Zamunda's rich heritage, creating a dynamic and immersive viewing experience for the audience.

Mary Robinson

The use of iconic songs from the original film, combined with new and exciting tracks, adds depth and nostalgia to the overall soundtrack. Each song is carefully selected to evoke emotions and elevate key moments, making the viewing experience even more engaging and memorable.

Karen Wilson

The soundtrack of Coming 2 America perfectly captures the essence of the story's return to Queens, New York, blending traditional African rhythms with modern urban beats.

Anthony Campbell

The fusion of different music genres in the soundtrack reflects the diverse cultural influences present in the storyline, enriching the audience's immersion in the world of Zamunda and Queens.

Charles Brown

The use of music in key emotional moments of the film adds depth and resonance to the characters' journeys, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Timothy Rodriguez

The incorporation of new original songs alongside classic hits creates a dynamic and engaging soundtrack that complements the on-screen action effectively.