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Rating: 3.40/10 from 1005 votes
Tags: violence against woman, sado masochist
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A story of single mother Amelia, who turns to stripping as a means of making ends meet and winds up the unwilling subject of a grim purification ritual. When her friend, stripper Suzy takes a beating that leaves her unable to perform, she asks her to cover her latest gig. Reluctantly accepting so she can convalesce, she begins to grow uneasy when her driver takes her to a dark and remote location. Once inside, she finds herself imprisoned with a number of other unchaste women by a sadistic captor, Geeves who uses various torture methods to rid them of their impurities.

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Devils Dungeon
God's Gonna Cut You Down
Everything Goes To Hell
Street Spirit (Fade Out)
red man
Creepy Green Light