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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Divina de la muerte

Title in Italiano:

Drop Dead Diva

Title in Português:

De Corpo e Alma

Title in Français:

Drop Dead Diva

Title in Türk:

Drop Dead Diva

Title in Deutsch:

Drop Dead Diva


Drop Dead Diva is a comedy-drama television series that follows the story of a shallow aspiring model named Deb who dies in a car accident and is brought back to life in the body of a brilliant, plus-sized attorney named Jane.

As Jane navigates her new life as a lawyer with Deb's looks and personality, she must also deal with the challenges of balancing her old and new identities, all while taking on a variety of legal cases.

Throughout the series, Jane learns valuable lessons about self-acceptance, inner beauty, and the importance of empathy and compassion.

Drop Dead Diva is a heartwarming and humorous show that explores themes of identity, body image, and the true meaning of beauty.

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Drop Dead Diva
Break Me Out
Big Boys Dont Cry (Personal)
Big Girls Don't Cry - 2007 Remaster
Hey Na Na
I Want You
Beautiful Inside
The Creationist
Just So You Know
Blue Jeans
My Cowboy
I'm Not Cool
Nothing I Would Change
Nothing Without You
Wish You Well
One of Those Days
These Streets
New Age Girl
Ordinary Day
Dream B.I.G.
Nothing at All
More Of You
Hurry Up & Choose
Love Is A Battlefield - Remastered
Bad Bad Girl
The Lighthouse - Best Of Homecoming Volume Two Album Version
I Like You, Baby
Don't Wait
If You Wanna Go
Would I Lie to You? - Remastered Version
U N Me
On Your Own
Baby I Need Your Loving
Walking On Sunshine
Hard Believer
When I'm Small
Just Takes a Little
Hold onto Hope Love
Don't Leave Me This Way - Rerecorded
Can't Go Back Now
Prettiest Thing
Quiet Hearts
Ray of Trust
Would I Lie to You (Brooke Ellison & Margaret Cho)
Scott Starrett: Performer
I'll Get Mine (Becca Jones)
Scott Starrett: Performer
On a Cloud (The Platinum Pied Pipers)
Scott Starrett: Performer
Shake It (Lil' Wendy)
Scott Starrett: Performer
Restraining Order (Margaret Cho)
Scott Starrett: Performer
Nothing at All (Madi Diaz)
Scott Starrett: Performer
Don't Wait (Dri)
Scott Starrett: Performer
Beautiful Inside (Katie Herzig)
Scott Starrett: Performer
Free (Malbec)
Scott Starrett: Performer
Home (Joshua Morrison)
Scott Starrett: Performer
Wish You Well (Katie Herzig)
Scott Starrett: Performer
Begin Again (Pop Version) (Confetti)
Scott Starrett: Performer
Baby, I Need Your Loving (Ben Feldman)
Scott Starrett: Performer
Suite from Drop Dead Diva (Scott Starrett)
Scott Starrett: Performer

User reviews

James Wright

The songs chosen for key moments in Drop Dead Diva add an extra layer of emotion and resonance to the storytelling, making the scenes more impactful.

Margaret Davis

I appreciate how the soundtrack of Drop Dead Diva includes a mix of uplifting and poignant songs that mirror Jane's journey of self-discovery.

Anthony Adams

The soundtrack of Drop Dead Diva showcases a diverse range of musical styles that cater to different moods and scenes, keeping the audience engaged.

Daniel Lee

The soundtrack of Drop Dead Diva perfectly captures the emotional depth and comedic moments of the series, enhancing the viewing experience.

James Williams

Overall, the music in Drop Dead Diva contributes significantly to the overall charm and appeal of the series, creating a memorable viewing experience.

Michelle Campbell

The music selection in Drop Dead Diva effectively conveys the themes of self-acceptance and inner beauty that are central to the show's storyline.

Timothy Moore

The music in Drop Dead Diva strikes a great balance between light-hearted, feel-good tunes and more introspective melodies, reflecting the show's tone.