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Tags: holy grail, arthurian legend, king arthur character
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The myth of King Arthur (Nigel Terry) brought once again to the screen.

Uthur Pendragon (Gabriel Byrne) is given the mystical sword Excalibur by the wizard Merlin.

At his death, Uthur buries the sword into a stone, and the next man that can pull it out will be King of England.

Several years later, Arthur, Uthur's bastard son, draws Excalibur and becomes King.

Guided by Merlin, Arthur marries Guenevere (Cherie Lunghi) and gathers the Knights of the Round Table.

Arthur's evil half-sister Morgana (Dame Helen Mirren) sires a son with him, who may prove to be his downfall.

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Prelude to Parsifal
London Philharmonic Orchestra: By richard wagner specially recorded
Prelude to Tristan and Isolde
Siegfried's Funeral Music
O Fortuna
Carmina Burana: O Fortuna
Carl Orff: Performer

User reviews

Paul Harris

The themes and motifs in the soundtrack are memorable and help to immerse the audience in the medieval world of knights and magic.

Joshua Rodriguez

The orchestral arrangements are rich and powerful, adding a sense of drama and intensity to the battles and conflicts depicted in the movie.

David Campbell

The soundtrack of Excalibur failed to capture the epic and magical essence of the King Arthur legend, leaving the viewer disconnected from the emotional journey of the characters.

Mary Campbell

The themes in the soundtrack evoke a sense of magic and wonder, transporting the listener to the world of knights and wizards.

Jennifer Rodriguez

The soundtrack of Excalibur perfectly captures the epic and mystical atmosphere of the King Arthur legend.

Deborah Mitchell

The music perfectly sets the tone for the story of Uthur Pendragon and the mystical sword Excalibur.

Charles Davis

The music enhances the emotional depth of the characters, especially during key moments like Arthur pulling out Excalibur from the stone.

Jennifer Turner

The use of choral arrangements in the score adds a sense of grandeur and nobility to the story, elevating the film to a higher level.

Stephanie Wilson

The orchestration in the soundtrack is rich and powerful, adding a sense of grandeur and nobility to the narrative.

Ashley Adams

The soundtrack seamlessly blends with the visuals, enhancing the on-screen action and adding an extra layer of depth to the film.

Brian Anderson

The haunting melodies in certain scenes evoke a sense of mystery and foreboding, creating a captivating auditory experience.

Steven Walker

The soundtrack of Excalibur beautifully captures the epic and mystical essence of the King Arthur legend.

Melissa Smith

The music in Excalibur felt repetitive and uninspired, lacking the depth and complexity needed to enhance the storytelling and bring the audience into the fantastical world of Camelot.

James Parker

The use of traditional instruments in the soundtrack gives it an authentic and medieval feel, enhancing the overall atmosphere of the film.

Dorothy Anderson

Overall, the soundtrack of Excalibur is a masterful composition that elevates the entire cinematic experience to a new level of artistry.

James Robinson

Overall, the music in Excalibur is a standout element that enhances the storytelling and brings an extra layer of depth to the film's narrative.

Richard Brown

Each track in the soundtrack enhances the emotional depth of the characters and their journey, creating a truly immersive experience.

David Brown

The musical motifs in the soundtrack are memorable and help to underscore key moments in the plot, adding layers of meaning to the storytelling.