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Rating: 6.80/10 from 290 votes
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Goraczka (Dzieje jednego pocisku)


Fever is set in 1905, in a time of feverish revolutionary underground activity in Poland partitioned between three neighbours. All the characters are committed anarchists. The bomb maker puts an invention together to place it at the disposal of young inexperienced terrorists fighting against Tsarist oppression. The story follows the passing of this bomb from anarchist to anarchist as several attempts are made on the life of Tsarist governor general, until, at the end, it is effectively and harmlessly defused by a bomb expert. The presence of the bomb has a destroying effect on all of the Polish revolutionaries, they either die or breakdown.

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Disco Inferno - Single Edit

User reviews

Joshua Lopez

The music in Fever skillfully conveys the inner turmoil and conflict of the characters who are committed anarchists. The haunting melodies and intense rhythms mirror the emotional struggles and moral dilemmas faced by the revolutionaries as they navigate their dangerous mission against Tsarist oppression.

Dorothy Perez

The use of music in Fever plays a crucial role in building suspense and intensity throughout the film. The dynamic shifts in the soundtrack mirror the escalating stakes and the mounting pressure faced by the characters as they attempt to execute their plans. Overall, the soundtrack adds depth and dimension to the narrative, making it a key element in the overall cinematic experience.

Donna Thompson

Additionally, the soundtrack did not effectively build suspense or create a sense of urgency during crucial moments of the story. The music felt disconnected from the plot and failed to enhance the overall viewing experience.

Deborah Lewis

I found the soundtrack of Fever to be quite disappointing and uninspired. The music did not seem to effectively capture the intensity and tension of the revolutionary underground activity in 1905 Poland.

Karen Rodriguez

The lack of variety in the musical themes made it feel repetitive and monotonous, failing to enhance the emotional depth of the characters' struggles and sacrifices.

Karen Thomas

The use of traditional Polish instruments in the soundtrack adds an authentic and cultural layer to the film, enriching the overall viewing experience.

Emily Taylor

The soundtrack of Fever is a standout element of the film, showcasing the talent and creativity of the composer in crafting a score that elevates the tension and drama of the story to a new level.

Carol Brown

The soundtrack of Fever effectively captures the tense and revolutionary atmosphere of 1905 Poland, enhancing the storytelling and immersing the viewer in the historical setting.

Elizabeth King

The soundtrack of Fever effectively captures the tension and urgency of the revolutionary underground activities in 1905 Poland. The use of traditional Polish music elements combined with modern tones creates a unique and immersive listening experience that enhances the storytelling.

Paul Roberts

The composition of the music is masterfully done, with each track evoking a range of emotions from suspense and urgency to melancholy and defiance, enhancing the narrative arc of the film.

Anthony Nelson

The music perfectly complements the anarchic and rebellious nature of the characters, adding depth and emotion to their struggles against Tsarist oppression.