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Rating: 6.60/10 from 629 votes
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Misión de emergencia

Title in Italiano:

Volo 771 - Missione Norfolk

Title in Português:

Flight from Hell

Title in Français:

Sauvetage en plein vol

Title in Türk:

Sauvetage en plein vol

Title in Deutsch:

SOS über dem Pazifik


Jay is ordered to fly Cessna flight 30771 from the States to Sydney, with stopovers at Honolulu, Pago Pago and Norfolk Island. He's joined by Frank, who flies another Cessna. Frank crashes while taking off at Pago Pago, so Jay has to find Norfolk Island on his own. He gets lost and almost runs out of fuel. He contacts Gordon Vette by accident, the pilot of the ANZ 308, a plane with 88 passengers on board. He and his crew are the only ones who can save Jay. But to save him, they first have to find him...

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Flight from Hell

User reviews

Donald Carter

The emotional depth of the soundtrack perfectly captures the tension and suspense of the plot, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Michelle Mitchell

The soundtrack of Flight from Hell perfectly captures the tension and suspense of the thrilling storyline. Each track immerses you into the high-stakes aviation adventure, keeping you on the edge of your seat.

George Anderson

The seamless integration of the music with the visuals creates a cohesive and immersive audio-visual experience that enhances the storytelling.

Daniel Hall

The use of orchestral elements in the soundtrack helps convey the urgency and high stakes of the characters' situations during the flight sequences.

George Nelson

The use of orchestral arrangements and electronic elements in the music enhances the dramatic moments of the film, creating a sense of urgency and excitement that resonates with the audience.

Paul Miller

The soundtrack of Flight from Hell failed to capture the tension and suspense of the story, with generic and unmemorable background music that did not enhance the viewing experience.

David Green

The use of orchestral elements in the music adds a sense of grandeur and epic scale to the story, making it feel truly cinematic.

Thomas Evans

The musical score in Flight from Hell seamlessly integrates with the visuals, creating a cohesive audiovisual experience that immerses the audience in the story.

Karen Jones

The use of repetitive and cliché musical motifs in the film's soundtrack detracted from the realism and intensity of the aviation scenes, making it difficult to emotionally connect with the characters' struggles and challenges.

Emily Martin

The music composition in Flight from Hell effectively builds and releases tension throughout the film, keeping the audience engaged and on the edge of their seats.

Richard Hall

The Flight from Hell soundtrack effectively captures the tension and suspense of the film's plot, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Michelle Davis

The soundtrack's dynamic range and use of sound effects contribute to the realism and intensity of the film's aerial sequences, making them more thrilling and impactful.

Amanda Lewis

Overall, the Flight from Hell soundtrack is a standout feature of the film, effectively setting the tone and enhancing the emotional impact of the story.

Patricia Hernandez

The way the music builds and intensifies during key action sequences keeps the audience on the edge of their seats, fully immersing them in the story.

Carol Turner

The soundtrack's ability to evoke a range of emotions, from fear to hope, reflects the complexity of the characters' journey in the film.

Michael Roberts

The dynamic range of the music, from quiet and introspective moments to soaring and triumphant crescendos, showcases the composer's skill and versatility.

Emily Turner

The memorable themes and motifs in the soundtrack help to reinforce key moments in the plot, making them more impactful and memorable.

Mary Turner

The diversity of musical styles and genres used in the soundtrack adds depth and richness to the overall sound of the film, keeping it engaging throughout.

Nancy King

The soundtrack features a diverse range of musical styles, from intense and dramatic orchestral pieces to more subtle and atmospheric tracks, adding depth to the overall storytelling.

Brian Nelson

The emotional depth of the soundtrack shines through in the poignant melodies and powerful crescendos, evoking a range of feelings from fear to hope as the characters navigate through the challenges they face.

Andrew Parker

The soundtrack of Flight from Hell not only complements the on-screen action but also stands on its own as a compelling and evocative musical work.