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Tags: random shooting
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Winged Creatures


In an ordinary day, a deranged man has a rampage in a diner and randomly shoots the customers. The survivors of the tragic episode are deeply affected by the shooting and have the most different reactions: the youngster, Anne Hagen, becomes popular at school telling her version of the shooting; her friend Jimmy Jaspersen becomes mute and closes himself to the outer world; the waitress Carla Davenport neglects her baby and has several vulgar relationships with men; Dr. Bruce Laraby loses his self-confidence and tries an experimental treatment to the migraine of his wife; and the compulsive gambler Charlie Archenault believes that he is lucky in the game and gambles all his money but he has a jinx.

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User reviews

Richard Carter

The composition of the soundtrack for Fragments is masterfully done, with each track seamlessly blending with the narrative of the film to evoke a wide range of emotions. From the tense and suspenseful moments to the poignant and introspective scenes, the music enhances the depth and complexity of each character's journey, making it a truly unforgettable listening experience that stays with you long after the movie ends.

John Thomas

The soundtrack effectively conveys the theme of loss and redemption, drawing the listener into the emotional journey of each character as they try to make sense of the senseless act of violence.

Anthony Lopez

The soundtrack of Fragments perfectly captures the haunting and chaotic atmosphere of the tragic event at the diner.

Amanda Davis

Overall, the soundtrack of Fragments is a powerful and evocative musical accompaniment that enhances the storytelling and emotional impact of the film.

Sarah Thompson

I found the soundtrack to be distracting at times, taking away from the intensity and rawness of the storyline and character development.

Richard Smith

The music evokes a sense of unease and tension, reflecting the emotional turmoil experienced by the survivors in the aftermath of the shooting.

Thomas Jackson

The use of dissonant melodies and discordant harmonies adds a layer of depth to the soundtrack, mirroring the shattered lives of the characters.

Karen Turner

Each character's theme is distinct and showcases their individual struggles and reactions to the trauma they have endured.

Dorothy Mitchell

The soundtrack of Fragments is truly haunting and emotive, perfectly capturing the raw emotions and turmoil experienced by each character in the aftermath of the tragic diner shooting. The use of somber piano melodies and melancholic strings creates a sense of deep sorrow and reflection, enhancing the storytelling and immersing the audience in the characters' individual struggles.

Joshua Parker

The music felt generic and uninspired, lacking the nuance and subtlety needed to convey the different reactions and coping mechanisms of the survivors.

Carol Garcia

The lack of cohesion and thematic consistency in the music choices made it difficult for me to fully immerse myself in the narrative and connect with the characters on a deeper level.

Amanda White

Overall, I was disappointed with the soundtrack of Fragments as it did not enhance the viewing experience or evoke the necessary emotions to fully engage with the story.

Deborah Wright

The soundtrack of Fragments failed to effectively capture the emotional depth and complexity of the characters' experiences after the tragic shooting.