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Rating: 7.50/10 from 1900 votes
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

En busca de la felicidad

Title in Italiano:

A West Texas Children's Story

Title in Português:

A West Texas Children's Story


In the 60's, in West Texas, twelve year-old Ben is a boy neglected by his parents. His mother is obsessed by the movie stars of Hollywood and every afternoon she goes to the movie theater, while his father spends his spare time building a boat.

One night, there is a car wreck in front of Ben's parents dining where only the girl Cassie survives with a broken arm. Ben's parents lodges Cassie during her recovery and she becomes friend of Ben.

Later the mature girl convinces Ben to travel with her to Baltimore, where her modern and liberal aunt and uncle live. They hitchhike through Arkansas, Kentucky and Virginia in a journey of friendship and discoveries until they reach Baltimore.

Their adventure ends when Cassie has a breakdown and is interned in the Mercy Psychiatric Ward in Virginia and Ben joins the Military Academy in North Caroline to stay close to Cassie. But the girl had a plan for them and Ben gives his best effort to make her dream come true.

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Have Dreams, Will Travel
All Alone Am I
Brenda Lee: Performer
Arthur Altman: Writer
Blue Christmas
Billy Hayes: Writer
Ernest Tubb: Performer
A Fool Such As I
Bill Trader: Writer
Hank Snow: Performer
Funnel of Love
Wanda Jackson: Performer
Charlie McCoy: Writer
I Ain't Never
Webb Pierce: Writer
Webb Pierce: Pefrormed
Blues Stay Away From Me
Filet of Soul
Swingin on a Rainbow
Overall Boy
I Ain't Never
Charlie McCoy: Performer

User reviews

Timothy Garcia

The repetitive use of generic background music throughout the movie made it difficult to engage with the characters' emotions and struggles. The lack of variety in the soundtrack made the viewing experience monotonous and less impactful.

Steven Walker

The soundtrack of Have Dreams, Will Travel is a standout element that enriches the overall viewing experience and leaves a lasting impression.

David Wright

The musical choices in the film seemed mismatched with the time period and setting of the 60's in West Texas. Instead of enhancing the atmosphere and mood of the scenes, the soundtrack felt out of place and distracting.

Lisa Scott

The soundtrack beautifully reflects the nostalgia of the 60's setting in West Texas, transporting listeners to a different era with its authentic sound.

John Allen

The soundtrack seamlessly blends different musical styles of the era, creating a cohesive and immersive listening experience.

Linda Clark

The emotional depth of the Have Dreams, Will Travel soundtrack perfectly captures the journey of friendship and self-discovery between Ben and Cassie.

Sarah Young

Each track in the soundtrack evokes a sense of longing, hope, and resilience that resonates with the characters' emotional struggles and growth.

Brian Martin

The emotional depth of the soundtrack mirrors the characters' personal struggles and growth throughout the film.

Nancy Young

The soundtrack of Have Dreams, Will Travel felt uninspired and failed to capture the emotional depth of the characters' journey. The music lacked a cohesive theme and felt disconnected from the story's narrative.

Amanda Walker

The music enhances the cinematic quality of the film, elevating key scenes and adding depth to the storytelling.

Steven Turner

The use of haunting melodies and poignant lyrics in the music enhances the raw and heartfelt moments throughout the film.

Thomas Lee

The music sets the tone for Ben and Cassie's journey, evoking a sense of freedom and discovery as they hitchhike through different states.

Richard Brown

The haunting melodies reflect the bittersweet moments in the film, highlighting the highs and lows of Ben and Cassie's friendship.

William Smith

The soundtrack of Have Dreams, Will Travel perfectly captures the nostalgic and adventurous spirit of the 60s setting in West Texas.

Elizabeth Carter

The choice of songs enhances the storytelling, adding layers of complexity to the characters' relationships and motivations.

Patricia Thomas

The soundtrack's ability to convey the complexities of human relationships and the power of dreams through music is a testament to its emotional impact and artistic merit.

James Anderson

Overall, the music in the film is a vital component that enhances the storytelling and connects the audience to the characters' journey in a meaningful way.

Emily Evans

The soundtrack's use of instrumental tracks and vocal pieces adds a dynamic range of emotions to the overall narrative.

Amanda Lee

The musical composition in Have Dreams, Will Travel adds another layer of richness to the storytelling, creating a truly immersive and memorable viewing experience.