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Rating: 5.80/10 from 88000 votes
Tags: miniskirt
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Todas contra él

Title in Italiano:

Il mio ragazzo è un bastardo

Title in Português:

Morre Pinga Amor!


John Tucker Must Die is a movie about Kate (Brittany Snow), the new girl in school, who discovers that John Tucker (Jesse Metcalfe) is dating three different girls at once: Carrie - the smart girl, Heather - the cheerleader, and Beth - the activist slut. None of them are aware that they are not the only girl in John's heart.

Kate, who has been raised by a single mother, has seen the pain caused by playboys like John Tucker, and she won't stand idly by. Together with the three jilted ex-girlfriends, they hatch a plan to teach John a lesson. Things rarely go as planned, especially when Kate starts to think that she might be falling for John herself.

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John Tucker Must Die
Sunset Lover
Josh Kelley: Writer
I Like What You Say
Matthew Caws: Writer
Matthew Caws: Produced
Nada Surf: Performer
Instantly Gratified
People in Planes: Writer
People in Planes: Performer
Fool for Love
Jimmy Harry: Writer
Time after Time
Dirty Little Secret
I Never
I Want You to Want Me
Wikked Lil' Grrrls
Just the Girl
I Want It All
Tim Armstrong: Writer
The Transplants: Performer
We Got to Leave
Joakim Åhlund: Writer
Caesars: Performer
Nelly Furtado: Writer
Nelly Furtado: Performer
Recuerdos de la Alhambra
Can I Get Get Get
Float On
Hit Me with Your Best Shot
Get Down
50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
Early Fall
Close to Me
This Will Be Our Year
Goodnight Goodnight
Never Had a Dream Come True
Like Twista
I Need You
I Want You So Hard
Too Cool
Happy Birthday to You
Better Open the Door
Not Giving Up
Wikked Lil' Grrrls
Esthero: Performer
Romance d'amour
Anthony Cortese: Performer

User reviews

Amanda Mitchell

The music selection enhances the different moods of the film, from lighthearted moments to more intense scenes.

Timothy Davis

The mix of upbeat pop tracks and emotional ballads in the soundtrack not only complements the storyline but also adds depth to the characters' emotions. The music helps convey the rollercoaster of feelings that Kate and the other girls go through, making the movie even more relatable and enjoyable.

Nancy Robinson

The soundtrack of John Tucker Must Die perfectly captures the energetic and youthful vibe of the movie.

Patricia Campbell

The songs chosen for key moments help to convey the emotions and motivations of the characters effectively.

Kimberly Turner

The soundtrack succeeds in creating a cohesive atmosphere that complements the storyline and character development.

Margaret Campbell

Overall, the soundtrack of John Tucker Must Die is a solid addition to the film, enhancing its entertainment value and emotional impact.

Laura Moore

The soundtrack of John Tucker Must Die perfectly captures the fun and energetic vibe of the movie. Each song selected enhances the different moods and scenes, creating a dynamic and engaging listening experience.

Lisa Rodriguez

The soundtrack of John Tucker Must Die felt very generic and uninspired. The songs chosen did not enhance the scenes or evoke any emotional response from me as a viewer.

Nancy Turner

The lack of originality in the soundtrack was disappointing. I was hoping for more unique and memorable tracks that could have added depth to the characters and storyline, but instead, the music felt like an afterthought and did not leave a lasting impression.

Patricia Taylor

The music enhances the viewing experience by creating a sense of connection between the audience and the characters on screen.

Kimberly Lewis

Some tracks stand out for their catchy tunes and memorable lyrics, making them enjoyable to listen to even outside of the movie context.

Emily Perez

I found the musical choices in the movie to be quite repetitive and cliché. It seemed like the same type of pop songs were used repeatedly throughout the film, which made the overall listening experience quite monotonous.

Deborah Mitchell

The variety of genres in the soundtrack adds depth and diversity to the overall listening experience.