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Joker is a political satire which criticises the present political absurdities. Mannar Mannan (Protagonist), a rural villager, who self declares himself as President of India, always protests Government for all the absurdities happening around his village. Most of the time he is seen as a Joker. He's trailed at court for his various continuous acts. There comes his past, where he loves a beautiful girl from his near by village. The girl is willing to marry him only if he could build a toilet at his home. Government announces a toilet scheme through which all the villagers will get toilet at their homes throughout India. President plans to visit a village and he chose protagonist's village. What happens when the President comes? is toilet built at their home? did they get married? answers protagonist's act of declaring himself as President. At the end, the audiences are questioned for their involvement in opposing absurdities (who's the real Jokers)!

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Temptation Rag
Everybody Plays the Fool - Remastered
The Moon Is a Silver Dollar - Remastered
Slap That Bass
If You're Happy And You Know It
Send In The Clowns - From ‘A Little Night Music’
My Name Is Carnival - 2001 Remaster
That's Life
Season of the Witch
Rock And Roll Part II
White Room
Hoyt's Office
Defeated Clown
Following Sophie
Learning How to Act Normal
Meeting Bruce Wayne
A Bad Comedian
Ennanga Sir Unga Sattam
Yugabharathi: Writer
Sean Roldan: Performer
Ola Ola Kudisayila
Yugabharathi: Writer
Sean Roldan: Performer
Yugabharathi: Writer
Sean Roldan: Performer
Sean Roldan: Performer
Halla Bol
Sean Roldan: Performer
Sean Roldan: Writer
Mannar Mannan Theme
Sean Roldan: Performer
Sean Roldan: Writer