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Rating: 7.30/10 from 252000 votes
Tags: bouncing breasts, bootlegging, thompson sub machine gun
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Lawless (Sin ley)

Title in Italiano:


Title in Português:

Dos Homens Sem Lei


In 1931, in Franklin County, Virginia, Forrest Bondurant is a legend as immortal after surviving the war. Together with his brothers Howard and the coward Jack, the Bondurant family has a distillery and bootlegging business.

When the corrupt District Attorney Mason Wardell arrives in Franklin with the unscrupulous Special Deputy Charles Rakes, the Bondurant family refuses to pay the required bribe to the authorities. Rakes pursues the brothers and unsuccessfully tries to find their distillery.

Meanwhile Forrest hires the waitress Maggie, a woman with a hidden past in Chicago, and they fall in love with each other. Jack courts the preacher's daughter Bertha Minnix and deals a great load of alcoholic liquor with the powerful gangster Floyd Banner.

Jack shows off in Franklin attracting the attention of Rakes that finds the location of their distillery. When he kills the crippled Cricket Pete, the locals join forces to face the corrupt authorities.

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Fire and Brimstone
Link Wray: Writer
The Bootleggers: Performer
Night of Canakkale
David Sardy: Writer
He Is All
David Sardy: Writer
Fire in the Blood
Nick Cave: Writer
The Bootleggers: Performer
Midnight Run
Marc Copely: Performer
John Wesley Ryles: Performer
Buddy Cannon: Produced
Sweet Truth
David Sardy: Writer
So You'll Aim Towards the Sky
The Bootleggers: Performer
Jason Lytle: Writer
Wave Storm
Blake Mills: Writer
The Morning After
David Sardy: Performer
David Sardy: Writer
Burnin' Hell
Bernard Besman: Writer
The Bootleggers: Performer
The Snake Song
White Light/White Heat
The Telephone Girl
The Cuckoo Bird
Sure 'Nuff 'N Yes I Do
End Crawl
So You'll Aim Towards the Sky
Jason Lytle: Performer
Burnin' Hell
Bernard Besman: Performer
Sure 'Nuff 'N Yes I Do
Herb Bermann: Performer

User reviews

Timothy Moore

Overall, the music in Lawless plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall cinematic experience and is a standout element of the film.

Linda Carter

The soundtrack of Lawless felt disconnected from the setting and era of the film, lacking authenticity and failing to enhance the overall atmosphere of Prohibition-era Virginia.

Deborah Brown

The haunting melodies in certain tracks evoke a sense of danger and suspense, creating a tense and gripping experience for the viewers.

Laura Davis

The soundtrack of Lawless perfectly captures the gritty and intense atmosphere of the Prohibition era in Franklin County, Virginia.

Matthew Hall

The soundtrack of Lawless showcases a great mix of traditional and contemporary music, blending old-timey tunes with modern sensibilities.

Melissa Adams

The use of folk and bluegrass music in the soundtrack adds an authentic and rustic feel to the film, enhancing the storytelling and immersing the audience in the world of bootlegging and corruption.

Patricia Lewis

The use of bluegrass and folk music in the soundtrack enhances the authenticity of the setting and helps to immerse the audience in the world of bootlegging and corruption.

Patricia Jones

The musical choices in Lawless often felt jarring and out of place, detracting from the immersion in the story and characters rather than complementing the narrative.

Susan Williams

The choice of songs in the soundtrack enhances the storytelling, providing a powerful backdrop to key moments in the film.

Michelle Hernandez

The soundtrack effectively conveys the emotions and struggles of the characters, adding depth and complexity to their stories.

Robert Hernandez

The use of modern music styles and tracks in the soundtrack of Lawless seemed like a missed opportunity to create a more cohesive and evocative auditory experience that would have elevated the film's overall impact.

Joshua Harris

The soundtrack of Lawless perfectly captures the gritty and intense atmosphere of the Prohibition era in Virginia.

Matthew Mitchell

The soundtrack of Lawless perfectly captures the gritty and raw atmosphere of the Prohibition era. The mix of traditional folk tunes and original compositions creates a haunting and immersive experience that enhances the storytelling.

William Lopez

The haunting and melancholic melodies in the soundtrack evoke a sense of tension and danger, perfectly complementing the themes of betrayal, loyalty, and survival portrayed in the movie.

Michelle Allen

The use of bluegrass and country music in Lawless adds an authentic and visceral layer to the film's setting, making the audience feel transported to the rural landscapes of Virginia in the 1930s. The music not only complements the action on screen but also evokes a sense of nostalgia and melancholy that lingers long after the movie ends.