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Rating: 5.40/10 from 65000 votes
Tags: two word title, female con artist, remake of remake, blonde woman
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Timadoras compulsivas

Title in Italiano:

Attenti a quelle due

Title in Português:

As Vigaristas

Title in Français:

Le coup du siècle

Title in Türk:



The Hustle

In this hilarious comedy, two con artists, Josephine Chesterfield and Penny Rust, team up to take down the men who have wronged them. Josephine is a sophisticated and elegant scam artist who preys on wealthy men, while Penny is a loud and brash small-time hustler who targets unsuspecting tourists. When they realize they are both after the same target, they decide to join forces and pull off the ultimate con.

As they work together, Josephine and Penny clash over their different styles and personalities, but they soon realize that they make a great team. With their combined skills and cunning, they set out to outsmart their enemies and come out on top. But as they delve deeper into the world of high-stakes cons, they must also navigate the complexities of their own friendship and loyalty.

Starring Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson, The Hustle is a fun and entertaining film that will keep you laughing from start to finish. With its clever twists and turns, this comedy is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat as Josephine and Penny pull off one outrageous scam after another.

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Le coup du siècle
Lips Are Movin'
Meghan Trainor: Performer
Meghan Trainor: Writer
Work It
Missy Elliott: Writer
Je Veux Te Voir
Yelle: Performer
Yelle: Writer
Intrada From Bruck An Der Mur
Leonhard Leeb: Conducted
Valse de Frejus
Yann McCullough: Writer
Yann McCullough: Performer
Yann McCullough: Writer
Yann McCullough: Performer
Upper Westside Jostle
Yann McCullough: Writer
Yann McCullough: Performer
Ivy Levan: Performer
Ivy Levan: Writer
Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies
Badass Woman
Meghan Trainor: Writer

User reviews

George Parker

The soundtrack includes a variety of songs that complement the different settings and moods of the film.

Carol Young

The soundtrack of The Hustle perfectly captures the playful and mischievous tone of the film. Each track enhances the comedic elements and adds to the overall entertainment value.

Patricia Hall

The soundtrack of The Hustle perfectly captures the playful and mischievous tone of the movie.

George Davis

Overall, the soundtrack of The Hustle is a standout feature of the film, elevating the viewing experience and creating a memorable atmosphere. The music enhances the on-screen chemistry between Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson, making their comedic performances even more enjoyable.

Ashley Lee

The songs chosen for The Hustle complement the dynamic personalities of Josephine and Penny, highlighting their individual quirks and strengths. The soundtrack adds depth to their characters and enriches the storytelling experience.

Ronald Garcia

The energetic and upbeat melodies in the soundtrack create a lively atmosphere that matches the fast-paced nature of the con artist duo's schemes. The music perfectly complements the on-screen antics, making the humor even more enjoyable for the audience.

Matthew Mitchell

Overall, the soundtrack of The Hustle is a delightful accompaniment to the hilarious adventures of Josephine and Penny. It elevates the viewing experience and leaves a lasting impression, making it a standout feature of the film.

Thomas Phillips

The first negative aspect I noticed was the lack of memorable or standout tracks in the film. The music seemed to fade into the background rather than enhance the scenes or create any emotional impact.

Amanda Wright

Certain tracks evoke a sense of suspense and intrigue, adding depth to the storytelling.

Stephanie Green

Overall, the soundtrack of The Hustle elevates the film and contributes to its overall entertainment value.

Ronald Robinson

The soundtrack of The Hustle perfectly captures the playful and mischievous tone of the film. Each musical piece enhances the comedic scenes and adds an extra layer of fun to the overall experience.

John Hall

Furthermore, the choice of songs in Le coup du siècle felt mismatched and disjointed at times, pulling me out of the story rather than immersing me further into the world of the film. It felt like the music was simply thrown in without much thought or consideration for how it would complement the narrative.

Timothy Baker

The soundtrack seamlessly blends with the dialogue and action, creating a cohesive and immersive viewing experience.

Elizabeth Hill

The diversity of genres and styles in the soundtrack adds depth and dimension to the storytelling. From jazzy tunes to catchy pop songs, each track brings something unique to the table and keeps the audience engaged throughout the film.

John Lopez

While Le coup du siècle had some redeeming qualities, I must admit that I found the soundtrack to be quite disappointing.

Laura Evans

The jazzy tunes in the soundtrack add a sophisticated flair to the con artist theme of the film.

James Carter

The music enhances the comedic timing and delivery of the actors, making the scenes even more enjoyable.

Lisa Johnson

The energetic beats in some tracks perfectly match the fast-paced and dynamic nature of the cons being pulled off.

Dorothy Young

The music in The Hustle effectively sets the mood for each scene, whether it's a lighthearted moment between Josephine and Penny or a tense con in progress. The variety of genres and styles keeps the audience engaged throughout the movie.