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Presidente por accidente


Moon Over Parador is a comedy film directed by Paul Mazursky. The movie tells the story of Jack Noah, an actor who is hired to impersonate the deceased dictator of a fictional Latin American country called Parador.

Jack Noah, played by Richard Dreyfuss, initially struggles with his role but eventually embraces it and becomes a beloved leader to the people of Parador. However, he soon finds himself caught in a web of political intrigue and must navigate his way through the dangerous world of dictatorship.

As Jack Noah tries to maintain his facade as the dictator, he also falls in love with the beautiful rebel leader, played by Sonia Braga. The film is a mix of comedy and drama, with plenty of twists and turns along the way.

Moon Over Parador is a satirical take on politics and power, with a strong message about the importance of standing up for what is right. The film received mixed reviews but is still remembered for its witty humor and memorable performances.

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Moon Over Parador
O Parador
Will Holt: Traditional words
Lilli Marleen
Norbert Schultze: Performer
Hans Leip: Words
Ni te tengo, ni te olvido
Julio Iglesias: Performer
Begin the Beguine
Sammy Davis Jr.: Performer
Besame Mucho

User reviews

Dorothy Moore

The soundtrack of Moon Over Parador perfectly captures the whimsical and adventurous spirit of the film. Each track effortlessly enhances the scenes, creating a delightful atmosphere that immerses the audience in the story.

Michael Jackson

Overall, the soundtrack of Moon Over Parador is not only enjoyable to listen to on its own, but also plays a crucial role in bringing the story to life and connecting with the audience on an emotional level.

Daniel Martinez

The soundtrack of Moon Over Parador perfectly captures the comedic and dramatic elements of the film, adding depth to the storyline and enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Brian Taylor

The use of Latin American inspired music in the soundtrack helps to create an authentic atmosphere for the fictional country of Parador, immersing the audience in the setting of the film.

Andrew Lopez

The musical score effectively complements the emotional journey of Jack Noah's character, from his initial struggles with his role to his eventual transformation into a beloved leader, adding layers of complexity to the story.

Dorothy Nelson

The music sets the tone for each scene, whether it be a lighthearted moment of comedy or a tense political confrontation, adding depth to the storytelling.

Michael Brown

Overall, the soundtrack of Moon Over Parador is a standout aspect of the film, successfully setting the mood, enhancing the narrative, and contributing to the memorable experience of watching this satirical political comedy.

Joshua Roberts

I was disappointed by the repetitive and uninspired melodies in the soundtrack of Moon Over Parador. The music felt like an afterthought rather than a vital component that could have elevated the overall viewing experience.

Kenneth Green

The diverse range of musical styles in the soundtrack reflects the eclectic mix of genres within the film, from Latin-inspired melodies to more traditional orchestral compositions.

Joshua Evans

The musical score of the movie failed to capture the essence of the Latin American setting, making it difficult to immerse myself fully in the fictional world of Parador. The generic soundtracks used did not complement the cultural backdrop of the film.

Ronald Perez

Overall, the soundtrack of Moon Over Parador is a true gem that deserves recognition for its ability to elevate the film to new heights. It is a delightful musical journey that stays with you long after the credits roll, making it a standout aspect of an already memorable movie experience.

Deborah Hill

The music in Moon Over Parador is not only entertaining but also adds depth and emotion to key moments in the film. The blend of traditional Latin American sounds with contemporary melodies provides a unique and engaging listening experience that complements the narrative beautifully.

Joseph Lee

Each track in the soundtrack is carefully crafted to evoke specific emotions and enhance the character development, making it a memorable and impactful element of the film.

Timothy Rodriguez

The soundtrack of Moon Over Parador felt disjointed and did not effectively enhance the emotional impact of key scenes in the film. I found myself disconnected from the storyline due to the lackluster music choices.

Melissa Miller

The incorporation of traditional Latin rhythms and instruments in the music adds a vibrant energy to the soundtrack, enhancing the cultural richness of the story and elevating the film's overall impact.

Melissa Taylor

The soundtrack seamlessly integrates with the visuals, creating a cohesive and immersive cinematic experience that keeps the audience engaged throughout.

Carol Nelson

The soundtrack of Moon Over Parador perfectly captures the comedic and dramatic elements of the film, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Steven Anderson

The soundtrack's ability to seamlessly transition between comedic moments and more intense political scenes showcases the versatility and skill of the composers in capturing the tone of the film.