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Rating: 6.20/10 from 9500 votes
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Con el dinero de los demás

Title in Italiano:

I soldi degli altri

Title in Português:

Larry, o Liquidador

Title in Français:

Larry le liquidateur

Title in Türk:

Başkalarının Parası

Title in Deutsch:

Das Geld anderer Leute


Lawrence Garfield is a corporate raider known as Larry the liquidator because he buys up businesses and sells their assets. He has his eyes on a wire and cable company. He meets with Jorgensen, the company President and tells him his usual plan. Jorgensen tells him, he won't do that. So Garfield plans to challenge him for control at the next stockholder's meeting. So Jorgensen asks his step daughter, Kate, a lawyer to help. She meets with Garfield and he is enamored with her but he still sets out on his plan and a battle to see who can get the most shares ensues.

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Other People's Money
I'm in the Mood for Love
Jimmy McHugh: Writer
Edgar De Lange: Writer
Stéphane Grappelli: Performer

User reviews

Emily Anderson

The score reflects the emotional complexity of the characters, making their motivations and conflicts more compelling.

Margaret Lewis

Overall, the music of Other People's Money enriches the viewing experience and elevates the film to another level.

Edward Adams

The soundtrack seamlessly transitions between scenes, providing a cohesive and engaging listening experience.

Ronald Gonzalez

The music creates a sense of urgency and suspense during key moments of the plot, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

Patricia Jackson

The use of musical motifs to represent the characters adds depth to the narrative and helps to convey their personalities.

Daniel Roberts

In my view, the soundtrack of Other People's Money could have been more diverse and dynamic to further elevate the emotional impact of the plot. While the music did a decent job of setting the tone for the corporate battle between Garfield and Jorgensen, I felt that it lacked memorable melodies or standout tracks that could have made a lasting impression. A more varied selection of music styles and motifs could have enhanced the overall viewing experience and made the soundtrack more memorable.

Thomas Lopez

The soundtrack of Other People's Money perfectly captures the tension and drama of the corporate raiding world.

Joshua Williams

The soundtrack's blend of orchestral arrangements and contemporary sounds enhances the modern setting of the film.

Timothy Taylor

The music effectively sets the tone for the power struggle between Lawrence Garfield and Jorgensen, enhancing the storytelling.

Carol White

I found the soundtrack of Other People's Money to be quite engaging and fitting for the corporate raider theme of the movie. The music helped to build tension during the confrontational scenes between Lawrence Garfield and Jorgensen, adding a sense of urgency and intrigue to the storyline. The use of subtle instrumental pieces in the background enhanced the overall mood of the film and kept me captivated throughout.