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Tags: closeted
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

River's Edge

Title in Italiano:

Ribâzu ejji

Title in Português:

Ribâzu ejji

Title in Français:

River's Edge

Title in Türk:

River's Edge

Title in Deutsch:

Am Flussufer


River's Edge is a 1986 American drama film directed by Tim Hunter. The film follows a group of high school friends who are shocked when one of them, Samson, murders his girlfriend Jamie and shows them her dead body by the river.

The friends' reactions to the murder vary, with some feeling guilty for not reporting it to the police and others feeling indifferent. The film explores themes of alienation, apathy, and the moral decay of society.

The film's dark and gritty tone is enhanced by its atmospheric cinematography and haunting score. The performances of the young cast, including Keanu Reeves and Crispin Glover, are also praised for their raw and authentic portrayals of troubled teenagers.

River's Edge is a chilling and thought-provoking film that delves into the complexities of human nature and the consequences of inaction. It remains a cult classic and a powerful exploration of the darker aspects of adolescence.

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River's Edge
Kyrie Eleison
Captor Of Sin
Evil Has No Boundaries
Die by the Sword
Lethal Tendencies (Death & Insanity - Remastered)
Let Me Know
Fire in the Rain
Happy Day
Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go
I'm Gonna Miss You

User reviews

Paul Clark

The use of music in River's Edge is a testament to the film's attention to detail and commitment to creating a fully immersive experience for the audience.

Edward Clark

The haunting score of River's Edge perfectly captures the dark and gritty tone of the film, immersing the audience in its atmospheric world.

Laura Lopez

The score of River's Edge contributes to the overall atmosphere of the film, drawing viewers deeper into the characters' struggles and emotions.

Anthony Thompson

The soundtrack of River's Edge adds an additional layer of emotional depth to the already powerful performances of the cast.

Timothy Roberts

The soundtrack of River's Edge complements the themes of alienation and moral decay in a way that feels organic and impactful.

Ronald Turner

On the other hand, while the soundtrack is atmospheric and fitting for the film, at times it can feel overpowering and distracting. Some of the musical choices may overshadow the performances of the actors and the emotional weight of the story, taking away from the raw and authentic portrayals of the troubled teenagers.

Matthew Brown

The soundtrack of River's Edge perfectly captures the eerie and unsettling atmosphere of the film. The haunting score adds an extra layer of tension and enhances the dark and gritty tone of the story. It effectively sets the mood for the exploration of themes like alienation and moral decay.

Charles Martin

The music in River's Edge effectively enhances the sense of unease and tension throughout the film, adding another layer of depth to the storytelling.

Nancy Brown

The music in River's Edge helps to establish a sense of foreboding and suspense, keeping the audience on edge throughout the film.

William Adams

The soundtrack of River's Edge is a standout element of the film, elevating its storytelling and leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

Daniel Hall

The haunting melodies in River's Edge linger in the mind long after the film has ended, showcasing the impact of a well-crafted score.

Elizabeth Scott

The use of music in River's Edge creates a haunting and unforgettable viewing experience, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.