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Rating: 4.70/10 from 1100 votes
Tags: santa barbara california
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Días de fortuna

Title in Italiano:

Il gemello scomodo

Title in Português:

Disputa de Sangue


Ruben and Robby are twin brothers, adopted by Mona, one of the wealthiest - and most eccentric - women in Santa Barbara. Ruben is devoted to Mona, but Robby is more devoted to her money.

So when Mona leaves her fortune and estate to Ruben it starts a battle between brothers that soon leads to madness, mayhem, and even attempted murder. On Ruben's side is Lou Perilli an ex-Chicago cop and used car dealer who knows the law - and how to get around it. On Robby's side is ruthless businessman Reed Tyler, who is out to turn a swift profit on Mona's property.

Walking a shifty line between them is Eddie Agopian, the family lawyer, who doesn't care which side wins as long as he's on the winner's side. But whether they're stealing big or stealing little, they're all stealing in this hilarious comedy about greed, power... and brotherly love.

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Steal Big Steal Little
Oh Mona's Grace
Robby Scharf: Lyrics
Pages Of Life
Stéphane Grappelli: Performer
Ettore Stratta: Writer
José Fernández Díaz: Performer
Pete Seeger: Performer
Hola Lou
Mambo Caliente
Randy Tico: Writer
Andy Garcia: Writer
Corazon De Palma (Heart Of Palm)
Andy Garcia: Writer
René Dupéré: Writer
Randy Tico: Writer
Randy Tico: Writer
Wake Up
Randy Tico: Writer
Lotus Land
Randy Tico: Writer
Velvet Moon
Randy Tico: Writer
El Emigrante (The Immigrant)
Andy Garcia: Writer
True Love Will Survive
Chicago Specific Blues
Oh Mona's Grace
Robby Scharf: Performer
Out Of Somewhere
Robby Scharf: Performer

User reviews

Thomas Thomas

The soundtrack of Steal Big Steal Little perfectly captures the chaotic and comedic tone of the movie with its lively and quirky musical arrangements.

Melissa Baker

The music creates a sense of nostalgia and warmth, evoking a sense of familiarity and connection with the characters and their experiences.

Melissa Martinez

The soundtrack of Steal Big Steal Little perfectly captures the comedic and chaotic essence of the film. Each track sets the tone for the madness, mayhem, and attempted murder that unfolds between the twin brothers Ruben and Robby.

Emily Hill

The use of instrumental pieces in key scenes enhances the emotional impact and intensity of the storytelling, making certain moments more poignant and memorable.

Mark Harris

Overall, the music in Steal Big Steal Little elevates the viewing experience, making it a memorable and entertaining film that keeps you engaged from start to finish.

Patricia Rodriguez

The music enhances the rivalry between the characters, with upbeat and suspenseful tunes adding to the tension and humor of the story. The soundtrack seamlessly blends different genres, reflecting the diverse personalities and motivations of the characters involved.

Patricia Phillips

The soundtrack's diversity in musical styles reflects the diverse personalities and motivations of the characters, providing insight into their individual journeys.

Dorothy Lee

The soundtrack's playful and upbeat melodies mirror the absurd situations the characters find themselves in, creating a sense of whimsy and entertainment.

Timothy Allen

Overall, the soundtrack of Steal Big Steal Little is a dynamic and engaging element of the film that contributes significantly to its charm and appeal, making it a delight to listen to even outside of the movie.

Donald Green

The musical score complements the fast-paced and energetic nature of the film, keeping viewers engaged and entertained throughout.

Betty Campbell

The use of different musical genres in the soundtrack adds depth and dimension to the storytelling, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Donna Gonzalez

The music effectively conveys the themes of greed, power, and brotherly love present in the film, creating a memorable and immersive atmosphere.

Andrew Lopez

The soundtrack's seamless integration with the on-screen action showcases the skillful craftsmanship behind the film's production, enhancing its overall quality.