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Over ten years have passed since the first machine called The Terminator tried to kill Sarah Connor and her unborn son, John.

The man who will become the future leader of the human resistance against the Machines is now a healthy young boy.

However, another Terminator, called the T-1000, is sent back through time by the supercomputer Skynet.

This new Terminator is more advanced and more powerful than its predecessor and its mission is to kill John Connor when he's still a child.

However, Sarah and John do not have to face the threat of the T-1000 alone.

Another Terminator (identical to the same model that tried and failed to kill Sarah Connor in 1984) is also sent back through time to protect them.

Now, the battle for tomorrow has begun.

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Terminator 2 : Le jugement dernier
You Could Be Mine
Guns N' Roses: Performer
Izzy Stradlin: Writer
Bad to the Bone
Guitars, Cadillacs
Dwight Yoakam: Writer
And This One

User reviews

Elizabeth Walker

The iconic main theme, composed by Brad Fiedel, is both haunting and powerful, setting the tone for the relentless pursuit of the T-1000 and the desperate fight for survival. The pulsating rhythm and electric guitar riffs perfectly convey the high stakes of the battle between man and machine.

Donald Lopez

On the other hand, while the music effectively enhances the tension and excitement of the movie, some tracks can feel repetitive and lack the depth needed to fully immerse the audience in the emotional journey of the characters. The score, while impactful in key moments, may not leave a lasting impression beyond the film's runtime.

Joseph Brown

The emotional depth of the score is also noteworthy, particularly in the moments of quiet reflection and connection between the characters. The delicate piano melodies and ethereal synthesizers add a layer of humanity to the story, reminding us of the bond between Sarah and John Connor amidst the chaos of the future war.

Linda Thompson

The main theme, with its iconic metallic percussion and pulsating rhythms, instantly immerses you in the world of relentless machines and human survival.

Charles Thompson

The use of electronic elements in the soundtrack adds a modern and technological dimension that enhances the sci-fi feel of the film.

Amanda White

The diversity of musical styles and textures in the soundtrack keeps it fresh and engaging, never allowing the audience to grow bored or complacent.

Anthony Brown

The use of recurring motifs and leitmotifs throughout the score adds a cohesive and thematic continuity that ties the film together.

Carol Perez

The dynamic range of the soundtrack, from hauntingly quiet moments to heart-pounding action sequences, keeps the audience engaged throughout the film.

Robert Turner

The tension-building crescendos and climactic peaks in the music perfectly mirror the escalating conflict between man and machine.

Matthew Brown

The seamless integration of sound effects into the music enhances the immersive experience, making you feel like you're right in the middle of the action.

Anthony Allen

The emotional depth of the music beautifully complements the themes of sacrifice, redemption, and the bond between Sarah and John Connor.