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Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

The Last Act

Title in Italiano:

The Last Act

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The Last Act


"Gaslight" as Farsi farce. Kamran and Moluk, middle-aged siblings, live penniless in the family's Tehran mansion, selling furniture to pay expenses. Their brother, who owns the house, has died suddenly, and his widow, Forugh, is coming from the provinces to visit. Kamran writes an elaborate script and hires a troupe of five actors to be the household servants. The purpose of the charade, which will seem real to Forugh, is to drive her mad, perhaps to suicide, so that Kamran and Moluk can inherit the house. The play is elaborate, Forugh is fooled and terrified, and the police can't substantiate her wild claims. She appears insane to them. All is headed for the mysterious last act.

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