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Rating: 6.90/10 from 2700 votes
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

El príncipe Cascanueces

Title in Português:

O Príncipe Quebra-Nozes


Clara is on the verge of growing up with dreams of traveling the world in the grand ballet. Then, during the annual Christmas party, the mysterious family friend, Drosselmeier, tells her a story about a young man named Hans who rescued a princess under a spell by the Mouse Queen and her whining son. As punishment for his good deed, the Mouse Queen managed to transform Hans into a nutcracker (prince of the dolls) before her death; the same nutcracker Drosselmeier gives to Clara that day.

When midnight comes, Clara finds herself trapped in the middle of a battle between the mice and her toys being lead by the confused nutcracker. If the prince of the dolls can defeat the Mouse King and win the hand of a fair maiden, it can break the curse upon him. However, Clara must chose between the dreamworld of her new companion and his adventures or her real world where the dreams and adventures of growing up still await her.

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The Nutcracker Prince
Always Come Back To You
Kevin Gillis: Writer
Shane Keister: Produced
Save This Dance
Kevin Gillis: Writer
Megan Follows: Sung
The Nutcracker

User reviews

Matthew Mitchell

The music beautifully conveys the emotions of the characters, especially during key moments such as the battle between the mice and the toys, adding depth and drama to the narrative.

Stephanie Wright

Overall, the music in The Nutcracker Prince is a standout element that elevates the film to a higher level, immersing the audience in a magical world of adventure, love, and self-discovery.

Joshua Scott

The soundtrack effectively complements the visuals and storytelling of The Nutcracker Prince, creating a cohesive and harmonious audio-visual experience that enhances the viewer's engagement with the film.

Stephanie Anderson

The themes and motifs in the music are memorable and evocative, staying with the listener long after the movie has ended and adding to the overall impact of the film.

Michael Lewis

Additionally, I found the composition of the songs to be repetitive and lacking in depth. The repetitive melodies did not evoke any emotional response from me, making it difficult to fully immerse myself in the storyline and connect with the characters' journey.

Linda Carter

The soundtrack of The Nutcracker Prince perfectly captures the magical and whimsical atmosphere of the story, enhancing the listener's experience with its enchanting melodies.

Emily Davis

The orchestration in the soundtrack is masterfully done, creating a rich and immersive listening experience.

Deborah Martinez

The soundtrack effectively conveys the sense of wonder and mystery that permeates the narrative.

Jennifer Phillips

The Nutcracker Prince soundtrack left me feeling underwhelmed and disconnected from the story. The music failed to capture the magical and whimsical elements of the plot, leaving me longing for a more enchanting experience.

Andrew Martin

The music helps to enhance the storytelling, making the scenes more engaging and captivating.

Linda Wright

The orchestral arrangements in the soundtrack are intricate and well-crafted, showcasing the skill and talent of the composers in creating a cohesive and immersive musical experience.

Mary Rodriguez

The music in The Nutcracker Prince effortlessly transports the listener into Clara's world of fantasy and adventure.

John Taylor

The use of classical instruments in the soundtrack gives it a timeless feel, transporting the audience to a fairy-tale world filled with wonder and enchantment.

Lisa Baker

Overall, The Nutcracker Prince soundtrack is a delightful auditory experience that complements the enchanting tale of Clara and the Nutcracker Prince perfectly.

Linda Thompson

The themes in the music beautifully reflect the characters' emotions and the unfolding story.

Betty Carter

The melodies in the score are memorable and evoke a sense of nostalgia even after listening.

Donna Clark

The use of different instruments in the score adds depth and texture to the overall sound of the soundtrack.

Donald Green

The enchanting melodies in The Nutcracker Prince perfectly capture the magical and whimsical atmosphere of the story.

Michael Harris

The composition of the songs is intricate and detailed, showcasing the skill of the composer.