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Rating: 7.00/10 from 15000 votes
Tags: girl group
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The Sapphires

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The Sapphires

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The Sapphires


1968 was the year that changed the world. And for four young Aboriginal sisters from a remote mission it was the year that would change their lives forever. Around the globe, there was protest and revolution in the streets. Indigenous Australians finally secured the right to vote. There were drugs and the shock of a brutal assassination. And there was Vietnam.

The sisters--Cynthia, Gail, Julie, and Kay--are discovered by Dave, a very kind-hearted talent scout with very little rhythm but a great knowledge of soul music. Billed as Australia's answer to The Supremes, Dave secures the sisters their first true gig and flies them to Vietnam to sing for the American troops.

Based on a true story, "The Sapphires" is a triumphant celebration of youthful emotion, family, and music.

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The Sapphires
Run Through the Jungle
Ngarra Burra Ferra
Jessica Mauboy: Performer
Miah Madden: Performer
Yellow Bird
Alan Bergman: Composer
Jessica Mauboy: Performer
Jade MacRae: Backing vocals
In the Sweet By and By
Darren Percival: Performer
Lou Bennett: Backing vocals
Soul Man
Isaac Hayes: Composer
Sam & Dave: Performer
Mornington Ride
Today I Started Loving You Again
Burnt Biscuits
Soul Sister, Brown Sugar
I Heard It Through the Grapevine
I'll Take You There
Hold On, I'm Coming
Lonely Teardrops
Who's Lovin' You
What A Man
Shouting Out Love
If You Need Me
The Banana Boat Song (Day-O)
These Arms Of Mine
Land of One Thousand Dances
Nha Trang Vamp
People Make the World a Better Place
I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)
Get Used To Me

User reviews

Margaret Johnson

Overall, the soundtrack of The Sapphires is a powerful and moving collection of songs that not only entertain but also serve as a poignant reminder of the era's cultural significance.

Amanda Smith

The soundtrack of The Sapphires truly captures the spirit and energy of the era of 1968, transporting listeners to a time of significant social change and cultural revolution.

Brian Martinez

The harmonious vocals of the four sisters in the film evoke a sense of unity and sisterhood, adding depth and emotion to the storyline.

Nancy Roberts

The soulful and powerful vocals of the sisters, Cynthia, Gail, Julie, and Kay, bring a unique authenticity to the music, making each song a heartfelt and emotional experience for the audience.

Edward Brown

Each song in the soundtrack complements the storyline beautifully, enhancing the emotional depth of the film and creating a powerful connection between the characters and the audience. The music truly serves as a character in itself, adding layers of authenticity to the narrative.

Michael Evans

The soundtrack of The Sapphires lacked originality and diversity, relying heavily on well-known soul classics that did not add anything new or refreshing to the film.

Ronald Hernandez

The incorporation of classic soul music into the soundtrack not only enhances the authenticity of the film's setting but also creates a nostalgic atmosphere that resonates with viewers.

Susan Moore

The soundtrack of The Sapphires perfectly captures the soulful essence of the 1960s era, transporting listeners to a time of social change and musical revolution.

Nancy Gonzalez

While the vocals of the actresses were impressive, the production quality of the music felt underwhelming and at times amateurish, failing to capture the true essence of the soul music era the film aimed to portray.

Mary Gonzalez

The seamless blend of classic soul hits and original compositions in the soundtrack creates a rich tapestry of sound that perfectly complements the story of the sisters' journey to success and self-discovery.

Brian Scott

The music in The Sapphires effectively complements the emotional journey of the characters, enhancing pivotal moments and adding layers of depth to their experiences.

Linda Young

The soundtrack of The Sapphires perfectly captures the soulful essence of the 60s era, transporting me back in time with its rich blend of Motown-inspired tunes.

David King

The song choices in the film felt disconnected from the storyline at times, making it difficult to fully immerse myself in the emotional journey of the characters.