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Rating: 6.20/10 from 33000 votes
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Toda la verdad

Title in Italiano:

Una doppia verità

Title in Português:

Toda a Verdade


Defense attorney Richard Ramsey (Keanu Reeves) takes on a personal case when he swears to his widowed friend, Loretta Lassiter (Renée Zellweger), that he will keep her son Mike (Gabriel Basso) out of prison.

Charged with murdering his father, Mike initially confesses to the crime. But as the trial proceeds, chilling evidence about the kind of man that Boone Lassiter (Jim Belushi) really was comes to light.

While Ramsey uses the evidence to get his client acquitted, his new colleague Janelle (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) tries to dig deeper - and begins to realize that the whole truth is something she alone can uncover.

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The Whole Truth
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User reviews

Ashley Gonzalez

The combination of orchestral arrangements and contemporary sounds in the score creates a unique sonic landscape that mirrors the conflicting perspectives and hidden truths in the story.

Mark Harris

The music perfectly complements the performances of the talented cast, elevating their acting and bringing out the raw emotions of the characters.

Ronald Walker

The use of subtle melodies and haunting themes in the soundtrack helps build tension and keeps the audience engaged throughout the unfolding mystery of the plot.

Matthew Thomas

The music in the film complements the emotional depth of the characters' struggles, adding a layer of complexity to their relationships and motivations.

Edward Thomas

The soundtrack of The Whole Truth effectively captures the suspenseful and intense atmosphere of a courtroom drama, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

David Davis

The emotional depth of the music in the film adds another layer of complexity to the characters' inner struggles, making their stories even more compelling.

Robert Young

The soundtrack of The Whole Truth perfectly captures the suspense and drama of the courtroom scenes, enhancing the tension in a captivating way.

Richard Jackson

The use of different musical motifs for each character adds depth to their personalities and helps the audience connect with them on a deeper level.

Michael Garcia

The soundtrack effectively sets the tone for the film, setting the stage for the twists and turns that unfold as the story progresses.

George Parker

The way the music builds up during key moments in the movie creates a sense of anticipation and keeps the audience engaged throughout.

Susan Wilson

The soundtrack of The Whole Truth felt uninspired and lacked emotional depth. It failed to capture the suspense and intensity of the courtroom drama unfolding on screen.

Susan Nelson

The soundtrack did little to enhance the overall viewing experience of The Whole Truth. It felt like a missed opportunity to elevate key moments and add a layer of complexity to the characters' emotions and motivations.

Edward Roberts

The memorable melodies and haunting themes from the soundtrack linger long after the movie ends, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

James Robinson

The music choices in the film seemed generic and cliché, making it difficult to fully immerse myself in the story. I found myself distracted by the lackluster background music instead of being drawn into the narrative.

Robert Taylor

The soundtrack of The Whole Truth successfully conveys the moral dilemmas faced by the characters, adding a layer of complexity to the storytelling.

Timothy Baker

Overall, the music in The Whole Truth adds a nuanced dimension to the narrative, elevating key moments and underscoring the moral dilemmas faced by the characters.

Charles Robinson

The seamless integration of the music with the visuals enhances the overall viewing experience, making it a truly immersive cinematic journey.