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A Ilusão


The decadent writer of witch tales Hall Baltimore travels to Swann Valley, a small town where people go to be forgotten, as part of his tour to promote his recent novel. The town does not have a book store, and Hall stays in a hardware store waiting for his non-existent fans.

Later Sheriff Bobby LaGrange, who is an aspirant writer, arrives and tells that he is his fan and asks for an autograph in his book. Then he asks if Hall could read his recent work and invites him to go to the morgue to see the body of a victim of a serial-killer that was murdered with a stake through her heart.

Then Hall goes to a coffee shop and discovers that Edgar Allan Poe has once come to a hotel in the town where twelve children have been murdered. He goes to his room and tells his wife through Skype that he is going to write a novel based on the weird events at Swann Valley.

Hall falls sleep and in his dream, he walks along a park where he meets the twelve year-old Virginia, a.k.a. "V", who tells that is her fan, and then with Edgar Allan Poe. On the next morning, Hall decides to team-up with Bobby to write a story based on his idea, but he is blocked and uses pills to sleep and dream.

Along the creation process, Hall entwines reality with his dreams.

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Big Rock Candy Mountain
Lisa Biales: Performer
Dan Deacon: Performer
O Be Careful Little Eyes
Anthony Fusco: Performer
Never Underestimate a Woman's Touch
Never Underestimate a Woman's Touch
Sammy Fain: Performer

User reviews

Michelle Adams

The soundtrack of Twixt is a standout element of the film, seamlessly blending classical orchestration with modern electronic elements. The music not only sets the tone for each scene but also serves as a character in itself, guiding the audience through Hall's twisted and surreal narrative.

Charles Brown

The instrumental arrangements and sound design in the soundtrack of Twixt showcase a meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of storytelling through music.

Emily Clark

The dynamic range of the soundtrack, from subtle whispers to powerful crescendos, mirrors the highs and lows of Hall's creative process and personal struggles.

Ashley Thompson

The musical choices often felt cliché and predictable, relying on generic horror tropes rather than creating a unique and engaging auditory experience for the audience.

Matthew Williams

The ethereal vocals and experimental sounds in certain tracks evoke a sense of otherworldliness, enhancing the dreamlike quality of Hall's experiences.

Laura Turner

The music seamlessly transitions between Hall Baltimore's waking world and dream sequences, enhancing the surreal and fantastical elements of the narrative.

Laura Robinson

The soundtrack of Twixt perfectly captures the eerie and mysterious atmosphere of the small town of Swann Valley. The haunting melodies and atmospheric tones enhance the feeling of suspense and intrigue throughout the film, adding depth to the story.

Nancy Evans

The soundtrack's blend of electronic and orchestral elements adds depth and complexity to the emotional journey of the characters.

Sarah Williams

The haunting melodies and subtle use of strings create a sense of tension and suspense throughout the film, keeping the audience on edge.

Charles Clark

Overall, the evocative and captivating soundtrack of Twixt elevates the viewing experience and adds a layer of depth and complexity to the already intriguing narrative.

Nancy Smith

The use of eerie choral arrangements and distorted instrumentation in the soundtrack of Twixt adds an extra layer of complexity to the storytelling. The music creates a sense of unease and disorientation, mirroring Hall's descent into the blurred lines between reality and dream.

Karen Hill

The soundtrack of Twixt failed to capture the eerie and mysterious atmosphere of the small town setting. The music felt disjointed and out of place, unable to enhance the tension and suspense of the story.

Joshua Martin

The soundtrack of Twixt perfectly captures the eerie and mysterious atmosphere of the small town of Swann Valley. The haunting melodies and subtle use of sound effects enhance the sense of foreboding and suspense throughout the film.

Ronald Lopez

The musical score of Twixt effectively mirrors the internal conflict and creative struggle of the protagonist, Hall Baltimore. The mix of melancholic piano pieces and unsettling electronic sounds reflects his journey into the depths of his imagination and subconscious.

Michelle Perez

Overall, the soundtrack of Twixt did not succeed in immersing me into the narrative or adding depth to the characters' emotions and motivations. It felt like a missed opportunity to elevate the storytelling through music.

Kenneth Wilson

The use of recurring motifs and leitmotifs in the music helps to unify the different narrative threads and enhance the overall cohesiveness of the film.

Mary Thomas

The atmospheric and eerie tones in the soundtrack of Twixt perfectly complement the mysterious and dark themes of the story.

Mark Rodriguez

The soundtrack effectively captures the essence of Edgar Allan Poe's influence on the story, with nods to gothic and macabre musical motifs.

Stephanie Garcia

The use of different musical motifs to represent the blending of Hall Baltimore's reality and dreams is truly captivating. The way the soundtrack evolves along with the storyline, reflecting the character's inner turmoil and creative process, is a brilliant touch that elevates the overall viewing experience.