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Rating: 4.90/10 from 106 votes
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Marea alta

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Undertow is a gripping thriller that follows the story of a young woman named Mia who finds herself caught in a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

After witnessing a murder, Mia becomes the target of a ruthless gang who will stop at nothing to silence her. With nowhere to turn, she must rely on her wits and courage to outsmart her pursuers and stay alive.

As the tension mounts and the stakes get higher, Mia must confront her own fears and inner demons in order to survive. With twists and turns at every corner, Undertow keeps readers on the edge of their seats until the very end.

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Immortan's Citadel
Remnants of Expansion
Conquer Time
In Brightness
When the Light Fades Away
Break the Worlds' Divide
82ºs 62ºe
Beyond Retrieval
Waves Become Wings - Remastered
Spirit Ritual
Year of the Dog
The Gate Is Open
What Lies Beyond
Portal to The...
El Equis
Landschaften Ewiger Einsamkeit III
El Doce De Octubre
The Journey and the Forsaken
Broken On The Wheel
Sugar Water
Weight of Emptiness
Rainbow Illness
Woodland Cathedral
Visions of Azrael
Upon the Fire Winged Demon
Dragon Dispitous
Nobody One Knows
In Your Grave
Manifestatio Symptoms
Litany of Regrets
Nigredo in Necromance
Thee End
Far Beyond the Scorn
The Clearing
One Nine
Hymn for a Dead Star
The Age of the Atheist
Ascetic Purification
Kaiowas - Tribal Jam

User reviews

Daniel Mitchell

The haunting melodies in the soundtrack of Undertow create a chilling atmosphere that adds depth to the storyline.

Donna Taylor

The soundtrack of Undertow effectively conveys Mia's sense of isolation and desperation as she fights to survive.

Patricia Perez

The Undertow soundtrack perfectly captures the suspenseful and thrilling atmosphere of the movie. The haunting melodies and intense rhythms enhance the tension of the story, keeping me on the edge of my seat throughout the film.

Ashley Clark

The music in Undertow effectively conveys the sense of danger and urgency that Mia faces throughout the film.

Sarah Perez

The dynamic range of the soundtrack in Undertow is impressive, with moments of quiet reflection juxtaposed with intense, heart-pounding sequences. This variation in musical themes keeps the audience on their toes and adds layers of complexity to the storytelling.

Lisa Parker

The soundtrack of Undertow perfectly captures the suspenseful and intense atmosphere of the thriller. The music enhances the tension and keeps the audience engaged throughout the story.

Susan Lewis

The use of subtle melodies and haunting tones in the soundtrack of Undertow creates a sense of unease and mystery, adding depth to the narrative and enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Donald Anderson

The soundtrack of Undertow effectively conveys the emotional journey of the protagonist, Mia, as she navigates through a web of danger and deceit. The music enhances the character development and makes her struggles feel more real and relatable.

Emily Adams

The repetitive use of certain musical motifs in Undertow became tiresome and predictable, offering little variation or nuance to the overall soundtrack. This lack of diversity and creativity in the music detracted from the overall immersive quality of the film, leaving a sense of disappointment among viewers.

Joseph Robinson

The music in Undertow effectively conveys the emotions and inner turmoil experienced by the protagonist, Mia. Each note and chord seems to mirror her fears, struggles, and determination to survive, creating a powerful connection between the audience and the character.

Matthew Wilson

The dynamic range of the music in Undertow mirrors the unpredictable nature of the plot, keeping viewers guessing at every turn.

Nancy Gonzalez

The soundtrack of Undertow seamlessly complements the emotional journey that Mia undergoes, adding layers to her character development.

Charles Anderson

The choice of instrumentation in the soundtrack of Undertow felt mismatched with the dark and gritty atmosphere of the movie. Instead of adding depth to the narrative, the music often felt distracting and out of place, diminishing the overall viewing experience.

Kenneth Hall

Overall, the soundtrack of Undertow is a vital component of the film's success, effectively setting the mood, enhancing the narrative, and immersing the audience in the gripping world of the story. It is a masterful accompaniment that elevates the viewing experience to a whole new level.

Daniel Rodriguez

One of the standout aspects of the Undertow soundtrack is its ability to immerse me fully in the world of the movie. The music seamlessly blends with the visuals and narrative, elevating the overall viewing experience and making me feel like a part of Mia's dangerous journey.

Anthony Thomas

The soundtrack of Undertow is a standout element of the film, enhancing the storytelling and leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Richard Martin

The use of music in Undertow showcases the talent and creativity of the composer, elevating the film to a higher level of artistry.

Kimberly Parker

The use of music in Undertow helps to build suspense and keep the audience engaged from start to finish.

Anthony Gonzalez

The musical score of Undertow adds depth and complexity to the narrative, enhancing the overall impact of the film.

Steven Carter

The soundtrack of Undertow failed to capture the intensity and suspense of the thrilling storyline. The music felt generic and uninspired, lacking the ability to enhance the emotional impact of key moments in the film.

Kimberly Rodriguez

The soundtrack of Undertow perfectly captures the tension and suspense of the thriller, enhancing the overall viewing experience.