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Rating: 6.90/10 from 52692 votes
Tags: peyote, lasso
Alternate Names:
Title in Español:

Arma joven

Title in Italiano:

Young Guns - Giovani pistole

Title in Português:

Jovens Pistoleiros

Title in Français:

Young Guns

Title in Türk:

Genç Silahşörler


1878 in New Mexico: John Tunstall picks up young gun men from the road to have them work on his ranch, but also to teach them reading and to civilize them. However he's a thorn in the side of the rich rancher Murphy, as he's a competitor in selling cattle. One day he's shot by Murphy's men. Judge Wilson can't do anything, since Sheriff Brady is one of Murphy's men. But attorney Alex persuades him to constitute Tunstall's young friends to Deputies and give them warrants of arrest for the murderers. Instead of arresting them, William Bonney just shoots them down. Soon the 5 guys become famous and William gets the name "Billy the Kid" - but they're also chased by dozens of Murphy's men and the army. The people however honor him as fighter for justice.

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Young Guns
Auld Lang Syne
Robert Burns: Writer

User reviews

James Lee

The music effectively sets the tone for the action-packed scenes and adds intensity to the dramatic moments throughout the movie.

Elizabeth Lewis

Overall, the soundtrack of Young Guns is a standout element of the film, contributing significantly to the overall enjoyment and immersion of the viewing experience.

Stephanie Moore

The musical score enhances the action-packed scenes of the film, creating a sense of tension and excitement that keeps the audience engaged.

Anthony Young

The soundtrack not only complements the visuals but also stands on its own as a memorable and enjoyable listening experience outside of the movie.

Linda Gonzalez

Overall, the soundtrack of Young Guns is a masterful blend of Western themes and contemporary sounds that elevates the film to another level. It perfectly complements the storyline and characters, making it a standout element of the movie that stays with you long after the credits roll.

Edward Moore

The soundtrack of Young Guns effectively sets the tone for each scene, enhancing the overall viewing experience and drawing viewers into the story.

Emily Davis

The haunting melodies and intense drum beats heighten the tension during the action-packed scenes, adding a sense of urgency and excitement to the film. The music truly enhances the emotions and drama of the story, making it a memorable and impactful experience for the audience.

Laura Young

The use of traditional western instruments in the soundtrack, such as guitars and harmonicas, adds an authentic and nostalgic feel to the movie.

Anthony Baker

I found the musical choices in Young Guns to be cliché and predictable, relying too heavily on generic western themes and tropes. The soundtrack did little to enhance the overall atmosphere of the film, making it feel like a missed opportunity to elevate the viewing experience.

Steven Roberts

The emotional depth of the soundtrack complements the character development in the movie, adding layers of complexity to the story.

George Anderson

The themes and motifs in the music beautifully mirror the themes of friendship, loyalty, and justice explored in the film.

Patricia Garcia

The soundtrack's blend of folk and rock elements creates a dynamic and engaging listening experience that complements the on-screen action.

Mark Robinson

The soundtrack of Young Guns perfectly captures the Wild West atmosphere of the film, immersing the audience in the setting of 1878 New Mexico.

Mark Scott

Overall, the music of Young Guns enhances the storytelling and brings an extra layer of depth and emotion to the film, making it a standout aspect of the movie for me.

Margaret Mitchell

The use of traditional instruments like guitars and harmonicas enhances the authenticity of the film's setting and time period.

Susan Wilson

The soundtrack of Young Guns felt uninspired and lacking in emotional depth. The music failed to effectively capture the intensity and drama of the storyline, leaving me feeling disconnected from the characters and their struggles.

Deborah Taylor

The soundtrack of Young Guns perfectly captures the gritty and adventurous spirit of the Old West. The use of traditional instruments like the harmonica and acoustic guitar creates an authentic atmosphere that immerses the listener in the time period of the story.

Carol Campbell

The combination of original compositions and well-chosen songs from the era creates a cohesive and immersive musical experience throughout the film.

Thomas Adams

The soundtrack of Young Guns perfectly captures the Wild West atmosphere of 1878 in New Mexico.