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Journalist Marina after an unpleasant professional incident decides to leave journalism. But her editor agrees to this only if Marina makes her last report on a maniac teacher who is in a psychiatric hospital. But almost immediately after the arrival of Marina and her acquaintance with the head doctor, the maniac manages to escape. The search entrusts the investigator Pavel, Marina manages to join him. After a series of operational-search measures, the heroes find themselves in a huge, abandoned country-house village in the vicinity of the city of Azotstal. A mobile phone does not work in this territory, a criminal code does not work, and local residents live according to their own laws.

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All I Want Is You
My Rollercoaster [Juno Film Version]
A Well Respected Man
(Ummmm, Oh Yeah) Dearest
Tire Swing
Up the Spout
Piazza, New York Catcher
Loose Lips
Sleep [Instrumental]
All the Young Dudes
So Nice So Smart
Sea of Love
Tree Hugger
I'm Sticking With You
Anyone Else But You
Chris Corner: Writer
IAMX: Performer