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This is the story of the Shivalkar family. Stigmatized as a family of criminals, thugs, and gangleaders, each generation is subjected to the same oppression and the vicious circles created partly by themselves and partly by the surrounding communities, including the police, politicians, and people in general. Rohit Shivalkar (Sanjay Dutt) grows up under these circumstances. Nicknamed "Boxer Bhai" by his friends as he excelled in boxing in his college days, Rohit grows up to be perhaps the most powerful of the Shivlkars. His reach is beyond the state's chief ministers and police commissioners, and an election cannot take place before a deal is made with Boxer Bhai. Rohit has weaknesses: he cannot stand any woman being called a prostitute because his mom Sonu (Namrata Shirodkar) was one; and he has fallen hard for Gauri (Shilpa Shetty) who's already married--to an abusive spouse. Rohit rescues her from the brute and marries her himself, but his problems are far from over: the political scenario changes and Rohit finds no support from any godfather. He is ordered to be arrested dead or alive. Will his luck help him overcome obstacles? Will his new wife support him?

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Weapon: Face To Face With Reality
Baat Hai Kamaal
Boxer Bhai
Chaaha Tha Tumhe
Nazar Nazar
Thamba Re Thamba
Yeh Dil Deewana Hai
Nazar Nazar - Remix